Your Dress

This will be a shorter post as I like to defer to the real experts when possible.

Please get a dress that Suits you. Fits you. Matches your style. Fits the surroundings.

For example. A ball gown at a rustic barn wedding is never good.

Pay attention to the back. Do NOT, I repeat Do NOT cinch your dress so tight that you have back fat where back fat shouldn’t be. Your back will be photographed almost as much as your front. Pay attention to it.

Please, if you pick a location such as a farm, or garden. Don’t all of a sudden refuse to use the property for pictures because you don’t want your gown to get dirty. Why did you pick this location?

The best advice I have for this is to have shoes that you can wear on grass, in fields etc…  Switch your shoes for the ceremony.

Also, bustle your dress for pictures and then release it for the ceremony.

I have a little inside info for you. The underpart of your gown WILL get dirty and not one person will notice. I promise. If this is something that concerns you, wear a shorter dress.  Again, dress for the location.

Also, please pick a dress that you can have fun in, that fits your personality, that makes you want to flip it over your head like a 6 year old. It shouldn’t hinder you, it should make you feel like you want to dance.

As far as body shapes, I’m including links below, but my short answer is, if you hate your arms cover them. If you hate your stomach, don’t get a gown that emphasizes it. If you love your legs, show them.

Below are some fantastic guides. Oh, also, unless a gown really flatters and fits you and your style, avoid trendy avant garde pieces. I love them, but they are not for everyone.

10 Tips To Help You Shop For Plus Size Wedding Dresses

And for the Men. And I really really mean this.

Save the Rented Tux  for Prom! If you are a grown man, you should own a suit, use this opportunity to have a custom made suit that you can wear in the future. If you already have a suit, get a custom tux that you will always have. And shoes, don’t forget shoes!

And please no matching vests, cummerbunds etc… again, this is NOT I repeat NOT your senior prom, its your wedding.



Running Late!

The first thing we are going to discuss is lateness. This is a pet peeve of mine. The reason is, is that there is no reason for it.

Listen, everyone knows you’re getting married. You know what time you have to be ready and where to be. To be late for your ceremony is just rude. And unlike some, who think its Cute, or you know the saying, Its your day and you can run late if you want. Again its just rude. Below are some tips to make sure this does not happen.

If your wedding is scheduled at 3pm and you are on site. (And you are not doing a first look) (If you’re not, we need to talk about that) Plan on being dressed and ready to go out the door at 2:30. Not 2:50, not 3:00. 2:30! How you ask?

1. Hire a reputable hair/makeup artist. Have a trial. It will cost extra. Do it anyway. If you don’t like what they do in the trial, hire someone else.

2. Tell them what time you need to be finished by and subtract a half hour. That 30 minute buffer will be the best thing that ever happened. Consider it a bit of an insurance policy.

3. Don’t get ready with 50 other people. I know it sounds like a fun time. Drinking mimosas and giggling….. Its not as fun as you think. We will touch on this more in another post. But for this purpose I will explain a little more. They will suck all the attention out of the room. They will want redos, will lose their “stuff” will ask you no less than 150 questions. It goes on and on. Pick just a couple girls, or have a room alone and have the focus on you for awhile. Things will go much smoother

4. Know where your stuff is. Your dress, your shoes, your underpants…  Have them laid out the night before and do not let anyone mess up your space. (See above)

5. Don’t be a drama queen. Really. Its not flattering. If you are pissed off at one of you bridesmaids or you’re not happy with something else. Suck it up and keep moving. Don’t stop to have a breakdown or use this as an excuse to hide in the bathroom for an hour. Get into Zen mode any way possible. Just go to your happy place and stay there. No matter what.

Remember, you chose the people to stand with you on this day. You hired the people you hired. If you decided to “Go Cheap” as opposed to quality, then its your own fault.  If you included people in your bridal party that you are not fond of, just to avoid awkwardness thats your fault to. I will always stand by your side if something really horrible happens that ruins your day. Like, Your venue burning down or no one is there to marry you. Or you come down with the measles. However, the whole purpose of this day is to get married. If that happens then your day is pretty golden. One of my favorite thoughts is that anything that happens on your day, that maybe doesn’t go as planned, rain, red wine stains on your dress etc… Is a story you can tell for the rest of your life. I was involved in a wedding that had a tornado touch down. That couple is still happily married, 10 years later and they have 3 awesome kids and they love telling that story.

6. Work out payments ahead of time. This way you are not stuck going through envelopes when you should be getting dressed.

7. As I said above. Everyone knows the times that everything is happening. Explain to them how important it is that everyone stick to the schedule. If they love you they will respect that. But also remember that time doesn’t stop. If someone is late for photos, they may miss out.

8. If you hired a “Planner” and this “Planner” has a million questions for you. Shut it down. Just direct everything to someone else, or tell them at this point whatever happens happens. Just get it done.

9. Tell everyone to keep their opinions and advice to themselves. The day is here. Advice was cute a year ago. Not so much anymore. Friends, do not put thoughts and questions into the couples head. Ever. Your job is to support and thats it.

Again. Today is not the day to act like a diva. Be prompt, be happy, be prepared and everything else will fall into place.

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