Your Dress

This will be a shorter post as I like to defer to the real experts when possible.

Please get a dress that Suits you. Fits you. Matches your style. Fits the surroundings.

For example. A ball gown at a rustic barn wedding is never good.

Pay attention to the back. Do NOT, I repeat Do NOT cinch your dress so tight that you have back fat where back fat shouldn’t be. Your back will be photographed almost as much as your front. Pay attention to it.

Please, if you pick a location such as a farm, or garden. Don’t all of a sudden refuse to use the property for pictures because you don’t want your gown to get dirty. Why did you pick this location?

The best advice I have for this is to have shoes that you can wear on grass, in fields etc…  Switch your shoes for the ceremony.

Also, bustle your dress for pictures and then release it for the ceremony.

I have a little inside info for you. The underpart of your gown WILL get dirty and not one person will notice. I promise. If this is something that concerns you, wear a shorter dress.  Again, dress for the location.

Also, please pick a dress that you can have fun in, that fits your personality, that makes you want to flip it over your head like a 6 year old. It shouldn’t hinder you, it should make you feel like you want to dance.

As far as body shapes, I’m including links below, but my short answer is, if you hate your arms cover them. If you hate your stomach, don’t get a gown that emphasizes it. If you love your legs, show them.

Below are some fantastic guides. Oh, also, unless a gown really flatters and fits you and your style, avoid trendy avant garde pieces. I love them, but they are not for everyone.

10 Tips To Help You Shop For Plus Size Wedding Dresses

And for the Men. And I really really mean this.

Save the Rented Tux  for Prom! If you are a grown man, you should own a suit, use this opportunity to have a custom made suit that you can wear in the future. If you already have a suit, get a custom tux that you will always have. And shoes, don’t forget shoes!

And please no matching vests, cummerbunds etc… again, this is NOT I repeat NOT your senior prom, its your wedding.



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